Silvia W., home seller

"Just got to the house... walked in and felt like crying it was SO beautiful!!!! Exceeded my expectations!!!

I wish my house had always looked like this! Thank you so much."

Kimberly Dotseth, Realtor

"I am speechless! You have far exceeded my expectations on C Avenue.  What you did is all so perfect, every room, every detail. You brought so  much life and color into the home and transformed it into something  fresh and modern.

It is hard to pick a favorite room... but it may be the living room. You worked with what was there so magically. Gorgeous.

It is A+++ perfect! Thank you so much."

Danielle Muckle, home seller and redesign client

We had a fantastic experience with Liliane. She staged our home and  it sold in 2 Days!! Once we moved into our new home we hired her again  to redesign and decorate for us. Within 2 days she had our new place  feeling like home. Liliane has a talent for creating a flow and  aesthetic without spending a ton of money or causing clutter. I would  absolutely work with Liliane again and would recommend her to anyone who  wants their home to feel more beautiful and open. She's also very  professional, reliable and enjoyable to work with.

Tom and Debbie Deany, redesign clients

"Dear Liliane,
Debbie and I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you  for the extraordinary job you did in decorating our new home ... We  love it! We could not be more satisfied. We were amazed at how, from a  few hours of meeting with us, you were able to transform our living  space into a beautifully decorated home matching both our personalities  and tastes. You required little or no direction making it completely  easy and relaxed. It was a pleasure working with you! Thanks again," 

Katrina Dodson, Realtor

I  recently had a listing that had lots of first showings, but no second  showings - so I knew it wasn't price, it was sex appeal. I brought in 3  staging companies to discuss their strategy and pricing, and chose Belle Maison because  I really liked Liliane and her pricing was competitive. It took her a  day to give the home an entirely new feel, and within 7 days the home  was in escrow! The real kicker was that this same client had been in the  house before, but after I called her agent and told her it was staged  she brought her client back and they fell in love with the home they  formerly referred to as the "beige box". 
If you think buyers can  look past ugly furniture and empty spaces, think again - they need help  envisioning their life in a new beautiful space, and staging can do that  if you choose right. I did - and am very happy!!

Sharon Geier, Realtor

"Liliane, everything looks amazing and I will for sure be calling you  again for future listings and will highly recommend you to my friends.  Thanks again!!!" 

​Susan Meyers-Pyke, Realtor​


Wonderful outcome with the staging done by Liliane!  She staged a  town home for me and transformed it into a home!  Everyone who saw it  commented on how great it looked and many of those people had seen it  prior to staging.  I was able to secure a buyer for the property at a  good price and I am 100% confident that the staging played a huge part  in that!Liliane went above and beyond getting it ready and having  everything in place.  I would not hesitate to use her again.  And her  pricing is very good too!

Brandon W. Home seller​

Liliane staged a home for me that was part of an inherited estate. She  did a wonderful job! When the home was empty it looked very small and  cold. She brought in her special touch and created a warm inviting home  that buyers could see themselves living in. Not only that, but I was out  of state for basically the whole process, and she made all of it easy,  getting everything in and staged, working with my realtor to remove  everything promptly before closing. The investment in staging paid huge  dividends both in sales price and time on the market

Timothy B. Home seller​

I am really pleased that I chose Belle Maison to do my staging.   I contacted them after another staging company would not provide  living room furniture because I had a dog.  I looked up Liliane at Belle Maison  and she worked with me to find a place that would rent me the living  room furniture, and they did the staging. Her fees (with the rental fees  for the couch) were less than the competitor (without living room  furniture). She was also very nice and personable. I highly recommend Belle Maison!  My place looked great and sold quickly. 

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